UW-Milwaukee students help put together 'Lightfield' art installation

NOW: UW-Milwaukee students help put together ’Lightfield’ art installation


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new art installation called "Lightfield" is coming to Cathedral Square that will be free for the public to come out and enjoy.

The installation is by an artist duo named HYBYCOZO.

They're bringing their latest art installation here to Milwaukee, which was being put together at the Wisconsin Center Tuesday before heading to Cathedral Square Park.

The duo has had installations at places like Las Vegas and even Dubai.

"So we're behind the scenes of the assembly of Lightfield by HYBYCOZO coming to Cathedral Square Park," said Milwaukee Downtown Director of Public Space Initiatives Gabe Yeager.

The name 'HYBYCOZO', meaning 'Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone', is a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.

The creators of the group, a Ukrainian and Canadian artist duo, are bringing Lightfield, 24 metal geometric shapes lit with different colored lights, to Cathedral Square from Thursday, Jan. 19 to May 5.

"[We're looking] to just transport people to another space, another type of dimension, another way of thinking. If they can think and inspire people and bring joy to people, then I think we did our job," said Gio Rappa, HYBYCOZO member.

Rappa is one of those people who helps make things like Lightfield happen.

On Tuesday, he worked with UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning students to drill together the shapes.

"Right now, we're just putting some of the panels on, and soon, this will be ready to ship out to be installed in the park," explained Rappa.

He says the inspiration from the art comes from mathematics and nature.

Milwaukee Downtown officials say they'll have activities for parents online to show how the installation ties back into science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

"[It's] a really unique way to make not only art beautiful, but an educational experience," said Yeager.

When Lightfield arrives at Cathedral Square, the exhibit will be kicked off with a free-to-the-public celebration.

"Featuring an ice bar, live DJ performances throughout the park, and of course, the first time the public can really get up close and personal with the sculptures that we'll have," said Yeager.

If you want a chance to take a look at these up close, there'll be a ribbon-cutting at Cathedral Square at 5 p.m. on Thursday with a subsequent party until 8 p.m.

There'll be another party from 5-8 p.m. on Friday.

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