Walk-in flu shots offered in Milwaukee County as flu season begins

NOW: Walk-in flu shots offered in Milwaukee County as flu season begins


MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- Flu season is upon us once again, which means it's time for the flu shot.

Milwaukee County health officials are starting their official push to get people to come out and get protected.

City leaders and health officials gathered at the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee Wednesday morning to get their own flu shots, and stress the importance of you getting yours.

"A lot of people still need to do it,," said Lanear Rucker, one of the people vaccinated, "COVID is still real, the flu is still real, still deadly viruses, everyone needs to come out and get it done so we can all stay alive."

Rucker, his son Christian, and his mom, Jerri Washington, made up three generations coming together to get their flu shots.

"Just so we can all still grow together throughout our lives still, we still need each other," said Rucker.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson and Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson both got their vaccines at the event.

"There's certainly vaccine fatigue, but again, flu vaccines have been around for a long time, and there's flu campaigns every fall. We're really encouraging people to get vaccinated for the flu and with the new COVID booster," said Kirsten, explaining why it's important to stay vigilant and get vaccinated.

She says anyone six months or older can get a flu shot with no appointment at any Milwaukee Health Department Walk-In Clinic, like the Southside Health Center.

According to Kristen, with the vaccine lasting 6-12 months, now's the time to make sure you and your family are safe for the holidays.

"We know the flu season really starts October, November, and then runs through March, so we really want people protected through that whole time."

The flu shot is of course free, and doesn't require any kind of insurance.

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