We Energies working to reconnect customers who lost power over half a day ago

NOW: We Energies working to reconnect customers who lost power over half a day ago

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Overnight winds Friday into Saturday knocked down trees and power lines all over southeast Wisconsin, leaving tens of thousands of people without power.

We Energies officials say at one point Saturday night, more than 100,000 customers were without power.

They say more than 75% of customers who lost power will have their power restored by midnight Saturday, and 95% restored by Sunday night.

They say the remaining customers will have their power restored or outage assigned by early Monday.

Judy, who lives on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, is one of hundreds in her neighborhood whose power went out around 10:00 p.m. Saturday night during the storm.

She says it's all anyone has been talking about.

"I did run up to McDonalds to get some breakfast, and their lines were long, I ran inside, and everyone inside was fussing about the power," said Judy.

Judy says she's been trying to keep cool and minimize her loses.

"I'm scared to open up the refrigerator, trying to figure out okay how much am I going to lose and who's going to pay for this or that," said Judy.

Officials with We Energies say the area that has been affected is large.

"It's really all over our service territory, you know, we got hit really hard from Kenosha County, all the way up North. We even have some customers without power in the Upper Peninsula, so our crews are spread across the entire state," said We Engeries Spokesperson Alison Trouy.

They say all available crews, including contractors, are on the job.

As always, officials want to remind people to stay away from any downed lines and report them.

"Always assume they're energized, if they're on the ground stay at least 25 feet away," said Trouy.

Trouy says if you're having issues, to let them know as soon as possible.

"We want people to let us know, don't assume we know about your power outage, either give us a call or better yet use our website, download our app, report that outage," said Trouy.

Judy says with this being the second situation she's seen like this so far this year, she would like to see compensation for the trouble.

"Because this is wrong, this is wrong, they should be working on it faster," said Judy.

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