What are you looking forward to in 2023? Here's what some people around Milwaukee had to say

NOW: What are you looking forward to in 2023? Here’s what some people around Milwaukee had to say

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We're just over 24 hours into 2023. And the beginning of a new year brings optimism to many about the next 364 days ahead. 

Monday, Jan. 2 was a bonus holiday for a lot of people as businesses were closed to observe New Year's Day.

CBS 58's Amanda Becker took to the streets in Milwaukee's Third Ward to see what people are looking forward to in 2023. 

"I'm trying to budget financially this year and stick to that more," said Marion Frank as she sat for coffee with her friend Lindsay Gleason. 

Normally the two would've been at work, but Gleason was getting a head start on her New Year's resolution. 

"I guess my theme for this year, or the thing I'm trying to spend time doing, is investing in community and building relationships with the people around me here in Milwaukee," said Gleason. 

A lot of people told CBS 58 that they don't make resolutions, but they still like to use the new year to reset. 

Many people are calling it New Year True Year. It's more about being true to yourself than setting a goal that may not be attainable. 

"I sure am trying on that," said Willie Green. 

Everyone we spoke to said they're optimistic about 2023. 

"I think I have to be," said Frank. "2022 was not a good year for me."

Andy Rush said he's working on patience. 

"It's been a rough year, and I kind of lost it a bunch of times," said Rush. "So, I'm trying to get back together. It can't get any worse than 2022." 

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