Will AI take your job? Marquette University expert weighs in

NOW: Will AI take your job? Marquette University expert weighs in

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Workers are questioning how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact their careers as the latest advancement in technology grows more lifelike every day. 

"This is a hotly debated topic right now," Praveen Madiraju, an associate professor of computer science at Marquette University, said.

A study predicts AI will take 300 million jobs away from humans, according to Goldman Sachs. 

"All of these companies have huge incentives to reduce expenses, improve productivity," Madiraju said. 

Madiraju said it's likely AI will shift the workforce within the next decade or two, but not every job will be impacted.

"There still needs to be human intervention. It's just the number of jobs that will be affected," Madiraju said.

The associate professor said research, tech and data-based jobs are more at risk to AI, whereas hands on jobs are more secure. 

"People like my age don't need to be too worried about it I guess right now but a high schooler or college graduate I think should be worried about it," Madiraju said.

He said this challenge is not new.

"I would put this as the next big development," Madiraju said.

Madiraju points to the industrial revolution and the invention of the internet as two major shifts in American history that changed the way humans work. 

"All of these have had impacts in terms of jobs and of course there has been huge efficiency we have gained because of these things," Madiraju said.

He said while Chat GPT is leading the way for AI currently, the technology is evolving quickly, and this projection might look different down the line.

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