Wind turbine collapse in Dodge County under investigation

NOW: Wind turbine collapse in Dodge County under investigation

DODGE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors in rural Dodge County woke up to quite the shock Thursday morning when a NextEra Energy Resources wind turbine collapsed in the middle of the night.

While it isn't clear what caused the incident at Butler Ridge Wind right now, neighbors nearby say it was quite a shock when this all happened Wednesday night, but not something that they're overly concerned about.

"We heard a really loud boom and thought maybe one of our buildings had collapsed and looked around and they were fine," said local dairy farmer Tony Schulz. "So, we were joking that 'Oh I wonder if it was a windmill that collapsed' and then next morning I came out and in the early light, I thought something doesn't seem right up there."

Schulz says it was around 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday when it happened, but it was hard to assess the damages until the sun came up.

"Oh boy, that doesn't look good," recounted Schulz.

Schulz says he and his neighbors have never been concerned over something like this happening.

"We've parked some equipment under them just because it's a nice flat area on top of a hill, so park wagons up there and switch wagons, and we can find, right up to him. There's no wasted land," said Schulz, adding that this doesn't change those feelings, "I think it's neat to have renewable energy and clean energy […] I think it's a freak situation. I don't think it's a narrative on any other windmills or windmills in general anywhere."

NewEra Energy Recourses officials say they're aware of what happened there off Rock Road. in Dodge County. They believe it's an isolated incident, and rare for something like this to happen.

The site has been taped off and cords are holding up this part leaning against what's left of the structure.

NextEra Energy Resources officials say no one was hurt.

Schulz says that means the main concerns are taken care of.

"Nobody was hurt, no crops are wrecked. I think it's all good. They'll get it cleaned up," said Schulz.

NextEra Energy Resources officials say whatever caused this is still under investigation.

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