Winter wellness: Get out of your cold-weather rut with the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Winter wellness: Get out of your cold-weather rut with the Museum of Wisconsin Art

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The cold winter weather has been known to put some people in a rut of stay inside during the winter. 

"There are people who suffer from season affective disorder, it's just a stressful time around the holidays-- travel and gift giving," said Lizzie Rohers the marketing and communications specialist for the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). "It can be a lot, so art and wellness is a nice little escape." 

The first Wednesday of every month, MOWA hosts an Art and Wellness event. On Dec. 6th, a horticulturist came in to talk about the benefits of putting plants in your home, and visitors were able to make a wreath to take home. 

The museum is also showing Lon Michaels' Distrupting Patterns exhibit through the end of the year. 

"It's nice to come in on a gray day outside and go upstairs and there is just an explosion of color," said Rohers. 

And don't stress when school lets out for the holidays. 

"The last week of December for a lot of families, a lot of the holiday celebrations are over but maybe your kids are still home on Winter Break," explains Rohers. 

That's why the MOWA is hosting Winter Week Dec. 27th through Dec. 30th. They'll open the doors to families with hot cocoa, trivia, artists meet and greets and art-making events with outside groups like Soul Spin. 

"You drop paint on the record itself, you put it on to the turn table, and you can control the speed of the spin and it spreads the paint over the record so it's an awesome spin art," said Rohers. 

All events are free for members. A yearly membership is $15 for individuals or $25 for two. 

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