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Wisconsin COVID-19 case count updates

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- These are the coronavirus (COVID-19) case counts as reported by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), City of Milwaukee Health Department as well as local health departments in southeast Wisconsin. 

Updated as of 4:54 p.m. on June 4, 2020:

Deaths: 626

Cases: 19,967

Negative tests: 291,367

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Alex 11 days ago
It sounds like One World Government is here?! And one World religion is here!? You can bet a Civil War is Coming then War World 3 will be here you haven't seen nothing yet!!
Homer 13 days ago

Facts and Statistics are Racist.

Check the Facts and Statistics, not just for Milwaukee, but every other major urban city with large Black populations: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit...

3 Blacks are dying for every White COVID 19 death everywhere.

Wisconsin's population is about 83% white, 6% black...
Kevin Homer 11 days ago
living situations where more extended families live together, housing in general (apartments and smaller houses), higher risk jobs in factories and grocery stores, lack of access to health coverage so less access to care ... this shouldnt be a big surprise
Lawrence 20 days ago
The Covid deniers and protesters can be real proud. The USA, 5% of the world's population, and 30% of the world's Covid cases.
NancyJ Lawrence 13 days ago
If China and India were accurately reporting, you would see very different statistics. And the US death rate is lower than most European countries. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality
factsmatter NancyJ 13 days ago
So of course that makes our 1,600,937 cases and 95,979 deaths (and counting) OK?
Homer 28 days ago
How long before Milwaukee's COVID deaths reach 10,000?
Robert Homer 16 days ago
Well they already said it was a minority issue, but we know different.
Wait till after Memorial Day
NancyJ Homer 13 days ago
Never. That’s a long time to be afraid.
CRADMER 33 days ago
The numbers have been changed so often, I don't believe anyone knows who's had it or not. This time around the CDC is saying up to 30% if the tests are incorrect. It's time WI gets back to work! The emotional/mental & financial health has become more of a problem than the virus!
If people are sick, fearful, or uncomfortable going out, stay home. If you're going to "wait out" this virus you may be inside for a year +. Not a way to live if you ask most people.
James CRADMER 31 days ago
I dont have the option to stay home. Since I work in the manufacturing sector, I am considered an essential worker. Our plant has yet to record a case, but that could change, especially if ALL the restrictions are lifted. I can try to limit my interaction with my co-workers as much as possible, but I dont like the idea that the guy running my machine on a previous shift might be out at the bar or going to the movies multiple times a week. We have to look out for and respect each other. I understand it's a delicate balance, but if enough of us Wisconsinites get sick, what we have already sacrificed will be lost.
Bassgeye James 30 days ago
Don't touch your face, wash your hand often, wipe any common surfaces you share with the other operator with an antiseptic wipe and you have nothing to worry about. Unless an infected person is close to you you are at very low risk. The numbers are being inflated and mingled with flu numbers to keep people frightened and compliant. They had the balls to say so on Ch 6 at 4pm during their stay home Milwaukee news conference and justified it. The true death toll from COVID is NOT what they are reporting.
Kevin CRADMER 26 days ago
stop trying to twist facts ... about 7-10% of the people have it and people are dying from it -- social distancing and closing businesses have helped slow the spread. Opening up slowly and with precautions makes sense. Talk to someone who has had this or who has lost a loved one to the disease. Talk to nurses and doctors in the hospitals that have seen a lot of cases. Stop trying to diminish the impact of the spread because you want things opened up. Another month of slowly opening with major changes is smart.
Bassgeye 33 days ago
Total misinformation these days. Horrible reporting or just plain lies.
The number of U.S. deaths was changed from over 60,000 to 37,000 by the CDC. They finally separated pneumonia deaths related to influenza
The Wisconsin death toll from COVID-19 has been downgraded to 209! Where is the accurate reporting?
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Bassgeye Kevin 24 days ago
Saw it on Tv. Other states have admitted mingling data too, Minnesota included. You can not trust any of these death counts. If you have cancer with 2 weeks to live and you get COVID and die, you are counted as COVID
factsmatter Bassgeye 24 days ago
FOX News perhaps?
Kevin Bassgeye 23 days ago
national health leaders yesterday said that they are finding Covid 19 deaths UNDERREPORTED -- that people probably had the virus when they died but had never been tested ... u DO believe that the virus exists and it spreads and thousands of people have died from it dont you?
Rommel Bassgeye 16 days ago
CNN,Fox or some other Fake news media.
JeanMarieJones 36 days ago
It doesn't matter how many positive or negative test there are. Positive test just tell you how many people have it. And negative test just tell you that at the time of the test that person didn't have it. They could have been tested at 10AM in the morning at And at 1PM in the afternoon they could catch it. So testing and confirming doesn't tell you anything it's the number of deaths that you want to see on the decline that is the true and real story and the only number you really have to follow
Kevin JeanMarieJones 36 days ago
hospitalizations too -- the more people in the hospital the more strained the health care system (even if they pull through and get better - hopefully)
JeanMarieJones 36 days ago
But you want to see The number of death going down because that indicates that social distancing is working because less people are going in the hospital and dying. It's how many people are dying that is the true factor in all this.It's the only number that actually actually matters.If 10 people catch it or 10,000 people catch it, you just want to know that they are able to survive it, they are able to overcome it whether they go in the hospital or not. And that they do not die from it.
Bassgeye JeanMarieJones 33 days ago
The CDC just dropped the death toll from COVID to 209 in Wisconsin. The rest are the FLU! https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm The number of U.S. deaths was changed from over 60,000 to 37,000 by the CDC. The misreporting and outright lies needs to end.
TamiWeiss Bassgeye 32 days ago
Incorrect. See comment above and read the entire page you are linking. The death toll reported by the cdc lags behind so will be lower. It was not revised
Bassgeye TamiWeiss 30 days ago
Milwaukee just admitted they are calling FLU deaths as COVID and the number is INFLATED! They justified it! The CDC lowered the numbers because they had to. You CAN NOT call a FLU death COVID!
Bassgeye 41 days ago
Why aren't these being reported as % of those tested instead of just "new cases"? OF COURSE the numbers will go up if you have doubled testing! Overall the numbers could be going down as a percentage but if the numbers keep getting skewed by increased testing it is WRONG!
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CR Bassgeye 31 days ago
But all those people just now being tested could have been infecting other people for a week or more. Without proper precautions taken by everyone it will just keep spreading and putting more people in the hospital or worse yet in the ICU. A few more weeks of separation and precautions could make a big difference.
Bassgeye CR 30 days ago
The numbers are a lie, Milwaukee just admitted it, then tried to justify it. They have ou scared and need to keep you scared otherwise you might try to save your business. You can't ruin Trump if people get back to work.
factsmatter Bassgeye 28 days ago
So the CDC and Wisconsin Health Dept are trying to ruin Pres Trump? Now your true colors are showing. So all your comments are not about the pandemic and what's best for the citizens of this state and country but how emergency health actions are affecting your Fuehrer. Stop peddling propaganda. FYI the current CDC coronavirus numbers for Wisconsin are: 384 deaths and 9590 total positive cases. These numbers seem to mesh with the numbers posted above very accurately.
MaxShortBlonde Bassgeye 19 days ago
Just what everyone knew all along a
Trump troll
Nicholas 43 days ago
Some people are tested every 24 hours at some facilities. Is it true that every test counts for a new negative even though the same person was tested more than once?
Bassgeye Nicholas 41 days ago
Why not, they are counting overdose deaths as COVID deaths whether or not they even had the virus. Did you know that between October and March there were between 30,000 and 60,0000 FLU deaths? Those are numbers from the CDC.
TamiWeiss Bassgeye 32 days ago
This is also untrue. They are not counting those as covid-19 deaths. Any outlet saying so is reporting false information.

You are right about flu deaths but consider the number of covid-19 deaths occurred in two months vs 6 months. That is stagering.
Bassgeye TamiWeiss 30 days ago
They just admitted they are counting deaths that are NOT COVID as if they were including FLU. You can have ZERO confidence in any number the spout, and they justified LYING!
MaxShortBlonde Bassgeye 19 days ago
Which just goes to prove you can't talk to
Bassgeye 46 days ago
Instead of telling us the NUMBER of positives tell us the PERCENTAGE of positives of tests performed! As tesing increases OF COURSE there will be more positives! so, if you were testing 1000 a day before and finding 100 positives and all of a sudden do 2000 a day and find 150 positives you will show an increase in the graph when it is actually a DOWN TURN!
Kevin Bassgeye 45 days ago
the data listed clearly tells u NEGATIVE tests. Add negative and cases (i.e. Positive) and u get the number of tested. Simple Math.
Bassgeye Kevin 41 days ago
Most people don't do the math, they just see the propaganda of the "new cases" reporting. They aren't being told the whole story, plainly and unvarnished. They are being purposely scared into submission.
Kevin Bassgeye 40 days ago
Nope - most people can do the math. You are the one claiming it is propaganda. They simply state the number of cases and the number of negative tests. You are the one who either can't understand the numbers or are trying to claim some sort of manipulation. Most of us can do basic math and see the numbers for what they are - raw data. Nice try tho.
susan 52 days ago
Was told by many smaller counties by Wisconsin Public Departments not all have capabilities of testing for covid19 in place. Scary as these numbers are misrepresenting the actual number of covid cases. People living in a low number county false sense of security and increase their risk of exposure as well make it difficult to know when it is safe to reopen.
NancyJ susan 36 days ago
Were you scared in 2009 when H1N1 infected 60 million Americans? That was 60 times more cases than we’ve seen with COVID-19.
Kevin NancyJ 33 days ago
"scared" is a ridiculous word to use - this virus spreads way more easily than H1N1 and spreads quickly -- also we had a strong federal response early in the H1N1 outbreak -- so there was concern yes but this virus is different and our federal response has been too little too late to get it under control - failed Leadership at the national level has made this outbreak worse
TamiWeiss NancyJ 32 days ago
No because h1n1 was no where near as severe. It was a bad flu; covid-19 is significantly worse that the flu.
Bassgeye TamiWeiss 30 days ago
Only worse because they are LYING about the numbers. They have admitted to mingling FLU deaths with the COVID numbers and justified doing so. You are NOT getting accurate COVID data!
goodorbad 58 days ago
Could be they live in multi-generational homes-be it apartment or house. My friends have Nana, mom, dad, CNA daughter, her little one all under one roof. Husband is in service. Single son just came home from school. Delivers pizza. Dad is a janitor (factory) and mom does payroll (different factory) and they are both still working.Who knows what germs get brought in/out. I have cousins that are multi family in one side of duplex and the in laws in the other. I love my family-but I love my space. Probably why I will be alone in the state run nursing home.
Homer 58 days ago
What has race to do with COVID 19?

In Milwaukee County, which is 27% African American, yet 81% of those testing positive African American.

Can we even have a conversation about this?

Rest In Peace Milwaukee North Siders... COVID 19 is coming for you. I'm praying for you.

MichaelGroves Homer 51 days ago
Key words Social distancing. It's not being paid attention to on that North side you talking about. I see b---s wearing masks, and the mask isn't pulled up over their nose. Look at that B---k bimbo Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas. I've seen at least ten images of her with the mask on the wrong way. She is suppose to be a smart one. LOL. I have seen them in cars, 5 6 at a time. I guess when one doesn't pay attention or follow directions one does suffer. You think people aren't noticing? I know someone that works in an emergency room in Milwaukee. Last week a B---k woman was brought in for breathing issues. The family members came with her. Police had to be called because they couldn't understand why they all couldn't go back to her room with her. So they started fighting with staff. Nice. Try following what is being said. It's just that easy.
Homer MichaelGroves 47 days ago
Is the reason Blacks are dying of COVID 19 at more than 3 times the rate of Whites something genetic? Does COVID 19 go after Blacks, like the Emerald Ash Borer goes after, and kills, Ash trees?

Or, are Whites doing things differently than Blacks that result in substantially fewer Whites contracting COVID 19? Could the solution for the Black community to reduce COVID 19 be as simple as acting White?
TamiWeiss Homer 32 days ago
I mean sure, they could act white by having jobs that aren’t deemed essential, by having better access to healthcare, by not living in an impoverish neighborhood in one of the most segregated cities in America that largely ignores black poverty.

They could also just go back in time and be born white, that would certainly solve the problem.
Homer TamiWeiss 32 days ago
Why is Milwaukee one of the most segregated cities in America? I bought my first house in Sherman Park, right on the Blvd, 8 houses south of Sherman Park. The house is beautiful, the park was great... then the Milwaukee Journal published a story describing the Combat Zone with boundaries... I had a car stolen from my garage... I had two cars broken into... I had my front door kicked in while I was at home... home security alarms would start going off when the sun went down... you saw Sherman Park burn. So, why is Mikeaukee one of the most segregated cities in America?

Because it's not against the law to move away from crime. I took a loss on my home and moved my young family to a safe neighborhood.

Why do 19 out of every 20 Milwaukee shooting have Black victims? from the highly segregated north side? Note, the shooting victims are referenced because less than half of the shooting of are solved, and those unsolved shooting could have White shooters.

What is the optimum racial mix for a neighborhood/city to offer the best quality of life for Black families? How do we achieve that?

Thanks for the conversation.
Lawrence 58 days ago
I bet the Amish are peeved if they picked it up somehow.
Bassgeye Lawrence 41 days ago
The Amish suffer genetic diseases from being inbred. I'm sure this is a cakewalk for them.
Rommel Bassgeye 41 days ago
Wisconsin is also known for inbreeding among non Amish. Look at Vos and Fitzgerald
Bassgeye Rommel 30 days ago
You liberal trash of a brain is hanging out.
Kevin 60 days ago
Common sense says where there are more people and more testing there will be more positive cases. Try as you might to make it a judgment about behavior or some other BS u wanna think up - its basically a numbers game. Statistics. Common sense can be so annoying.
James 63 days ago
Milwaukee (north side) is going to be a breeding ground. City officials Will do nothing until its too late.
The people cant even follow simple rules of the road (running red lights is so common here etc) you know having party's nightly will be the norm.
James 63 days ago
Seems like this "update" has been the same for a few days now. Also. Some of the counties listed in the main graphic have higher reported cases, at least according to local news feeds.
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