Wisconsin Humane Society caring for puppies rescued from woods in Mequon

NOW: Wisconsin Humane Society caring for puppies rescued from woods in Mequon

SAUKVILLE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Four puppies are recovering at the Wisconsin Humane Society after being rescued from frigid temperatures this week.

Mequon police say officers from their department and Thiensville responded to the area near Cedarburg Road and Highland Road on the evening of Feb. 13 after receiving a call about a dog crossing the roadway.

"While parked with his squad windows down, [the officer] heard a whimper coming from the woods," Mequon police said in a statement to CBS 58. "The officer notified the others, began searching the woods, and located the puppies."

The puppies were about 25 feet into the wooded area and were on the ice of a small creek.

They were handed off to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

One of the puppies was in such bad shape, it had to be euthanized, the organization said.

"However, the other three were brought back here to our Ozaukee campus in Saukville and are doing wonderfully," Wisconsin Humane Society VP of Marketing and Communications Angela Speed told CBS 58.

The three puppies that did make it are now full of energy and recovering. They're named Love, Amar and Liebe -- the theme being the pups arrived in time for Valentine's Day.

But the story did not end there.

"We had a unique twist in that a woman found another puppy in exactly the same location running loose yesterday during the snowstorm and was unable to bring that puppy in yesterday and so she brought him here this morning," Speed said.

The puppy most recently recovered is related to the others and is named Brad.

Brad is now recovering and will join his litter mates soon.

The Wisconsin Humane Society says the manner in which the pups were found is concerning.

"We have no idea how they became to be in the ditch in Mequon it's very unusual, most stray animals are coming to us as individual dogs or cats running loose in the neighborhood, this is highly unusual," Speed said.

She added it's an important reminder to the community that if someone is unable to care for an animal, they should know they can take the animal to the Humane Society for safe keeping.

The puppies will spend the next several weeks recovering both at the Humane Society and in foster care. After that time, if they're not claimed, they'll be up for adoption.

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