Wisconsin officials keeping a close eye on sex offenders on Halloween

WAUPUN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Halloween is a notable time when children often end up interacting with people they do not know, knocking on neighborhood doors during an old-fashioned trick-or-treat.

To reduce the risk of danger during these interactions, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is partnering with Wisconsin law enforcement to conduct random home visits of registered sex offenders on DOC supervision this Halloween.

These checks take place annually in communities across the state during typical trick-or-treating hours.

According to a media release issued by the Wisconsin DOC on Tuesday, Oct. 25, there are restrictions for registered sex offenders that specifically aim to protect children on Halloween.

These restrictions include having any Halloween decorations inside or outside a residence, handing out candy or participating in any trick-or-treating activities, wearing a Halloween costume as well as turning on the porch light during their local trick-or-treating hours.

For parents, the agency has suggestions for parents to ensure their children remain safe, despite the aforementioned restrictions for sex offenders.

These include parents always accompanying children, staying on well-lit streets in neighborhoods that you know, never entering a home, activating location devices on cell phones, ensuring children know to yell "No!" and run away from strangers who try to take them anywhere and having a responsible adult check treats at the end of the evening.

The Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry can be used to help map out a safer trick-or-treating route. If any unsafe or unlawful activity is suspected, call 911.

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