Woman finds hope after missing dog found in Walworth County

NOW: Woman finds hope after missing dog found in Walworth County


DARIEN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A lost dog is back on a warm couch tonight, several days after being thrown from a crash in Walworth County. Her story is giving her "new" owner a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Little the beagle has had such a following in Walworth County since she disappeared that as we stopped at this diner just off I-43, so many people stopped us, telling us about the massive search that had taken place for her all over Darien.

"Just having her back is just amazing, said Danielle Driscoll, Little's new owner.

1,500 miles from the only place she called home, Little the beagle is now limping around a West Allis backyard.

"I can't even tell you how much energy she has so this is the opposite of healthy Little," said Driscoll.

Danielle Driscoll is Little's *human* sister.

"She just was always there by his side and would never leave him alone," said Driscoll.

The love between Little and Daniel Driscoll is evident in pictures, even after he got sick from stage four lung cancer.

"You know I called him every day like multiple times a day like he helped me with everything," said Driscoll.

When Daniel passed away on Halloween, Danielle clung to the only piece of life left in her father's home. So when this happened, and her truck rolled down an embankment off I-43 in Darien last Thursday, and "Little" was nowhere to be found, it was devastating.

"Ever since I was in the firetruck, I was just screaming for them and just trying to think of what could've happened," said Driscoll.

The next five days, incredible love. It seemed the entire Darien community was out looking, posting fliers, stopping along I-43, even putting up a drone.

"Looking for fresh paw prints and putting out you know food for her and stuff. Just really overwhelmed with love and support and generosity and I still am like amazed by it (giggle)" said Driscoll.

Five nights later, the owner of this diner, solved the mystery.

"My car, I'm walking for something and I see him and I'm so happy," said Ike Aliu, co-owner of West Wind Diner.

Danielle's friend spotted a notification on the Walworth County scanner page.

"She got the address and we just raced right over there. We were all crying and I think I was in shock," said Driscoll.

In shock, partly because she'd been to the diner, many times as a child. Danielle's grandmother used to own it.

"The fact that all of that happened there is just unbelievable," said Driscoll.

Some 25 years ago, Danielle's grandmother, Dorothy Wenzel was murdered in this parking lot, the same lot where "Little" the beagle took refuge, after that crash last Thursday.

"It's kind of making me think that this whole scenario I've never really believed a lot in any higher power or angels or anything like that but seeing how many stars aligned is just really crazy," said Driscoll.

Little is headed back to the vet, with internal injuries, the bill already in the thousands of dollars. A friend created this GoFundMe to help keep these two together.

"Everything, I feel like I have him with me again like I know it sounds cheesy but it's my last part him and I needed her," said Driscoll.

For Danielle and Darien, a Thanksgiving week they won't soon forget.

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