Hazy start to the new week

NOW: Hazy start to the new week

A lot of the same weather features continue to cycle through for us... dry weather, hazy skies and air quality issues. Once again another Air Quality Alert is in effect for the area, and entire state for that matter.

The alert for southeast Wisconsin runs until midnight. The reason is for particulate matter from Canadian wildfires! Here's a look at where they are and the stream of smoke through our area. 
 Folks with heart, lung and breathing issues should take it easy outdoors today. Wind will continue from the east and so a constant funnel of this less than stellar air will move overhead. We also have a cold front that will slowly slip through our area. While it opens the door for more haze into the skies above, it will also provide at least widely scattered showers tomorrow morning. 
 Thereafter we should be able to scour out the atmosphere for cleaner air here by midweek. Hopefully you get a good downpour in your yard. This dry stretch is really starting to negatively impact lawns and gardens. 
 Through today we are now at 17 dry days in a row! If you don't pick up rain tomorrow, there's another and better chance for wet weather later on Saturday.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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