'A lot of people are going to be shocked': Bucks halftime performers excited to bring unique talents to Fiserv Forum

NOW: ’A lot of people are going to be shocked’: Bucks halftime performers excited to bring unique talents to Fiserv Forum

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Basketball fans at Fiserv Forum for opening night of the 2023/2024 Bucks season won't want to leave their seats during halftime as professional circus performers Grace Good and Orissa Kelly return to the hardwood at Fiserv Forum, this time as a duet.

"We're really stoked to be here," Good said. "We love Milwaukee."

Based in Nashville, the two have gained a lot of popularity for their unique talents.

Kelly is a professional foot archer who was featured on Britain's Got Talent and Good is a hula hoop and fire performer who was featured on the American version of the show. While they've both performed solo acts at Fiserv Forum in the past, Thursday's performance will be their first time combining their talents.

"It's going to be surprising," teased Good. "I think a lot of people are going to be shocked."

"To share the stage with one of your closest friends and to be pushing boundaries, doing what we do; it's amazing," added Kelly. "You always feel a little bit of nerves, but it's a good adrenaline."

The two travel year-round performing at different venues across the world. Still, they say it's special to have this unique opportunity to perform together here in Milwaukee, a city they've grown fond of.

"I know we're not meant to have favorites, but the Bucks are our favorite," laughed Kelly. "The fans are amazing, the court is gorgeous, the team is one of the best."

Good shared that enthusiasm for the 414.

"The energy in the stadium at the Bucks is unlike anything else I've seen," Good said. "I love performing at the Bucks."

The talented duo is hopeful to use that energy to provide hometown basketball fans with a halftime performance they won't soon forget.

"You want to do it right," Good said. "The biggest goal is to just entertain people and make people smile."

"We care about what we do so much and so we want to give, not just the best show for us, but for everyone who's watching," added Kelly. "We're going to be doing some really cool stuff."

Both Kelly and Good say they will return to Fiserv Forum later this season for solo performances. You can follow them each on social media here:



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