Another soaking rain on the way Friday

NOW: Another soaking rain on the way Friday

This week started off with a soaking rain Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning and we could do that again to end the work week. Going into this next chance for rain, we are doing pretty good on rainfall since the start of the year. Total precipitation since January 1st is 5.30" which is about an inch and a half above average although below last year.

An isolated shower may be possible Thursday night but the better chance for a soaking steady rain arrives Friday morning and lasts most of the rest of the day. 

The rain totals for Friday are once again looking impressive. Another soaking 0.50-1.00" of rain looks likely for everyone with some hometowns getting as much as 1.25" to 1.50". 

Not only is Friday going to be a cloudy, rainy day, it's also going to be fairly breezy and cool. A NE wind will gust to 20 mph during the day and then get even stronger in the evening and at night. Friday's wind will still be a lake breeze but it won't have much effect on temps as rain and clouds keep temps on the cooler side no matter where you live in the low 40s. Saturday is still a cooler day without a lake breeze but even windier with gusts to 30 mph.

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