Behind the Scenes: Milwaukee Admirals

Behind the Scenes: Milwaukee Admirals

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- When fans go to a Milwaukee Admirals' game, they focus on the rink, where ultimately the players' performance will decide a win or a loss. Something you might not think of goes into that performance, so CBS 58 went behind the scenes with the Admirals equipment manager. 

Luke Eichas is the head equipment manager for the Admirals. It is important to players to have blades, jerseys, helmets, and pads exactly how they want them. 

"Each guy's different," said Eichas. 

"If you don't have confidence in your equipment, hard to have confidence in your game," said Troy Groesnick, goalie. 

Goalie Troy Groesnick wears more equipment than more pro athletes. He says having it all just right matters. 

"If your lace isn't quite the way you want it, all of a sudden your pad's over rotating, pucks might go underneath it," said Groesnick. 

Some call it habit, some admit it is superstition. 

Defenseman Kevin Gravel says until recently, he wore the same shin guards since the age of 14. 

"I'm a guy who doesn't like new equipment," said Gravel. "I like how it feels when it's broken in." 

Whether it's sewing jerseys, washing pads, or fixing equipment, Eichas and his staff are often working at 7 a.m. on game days, only to leave at midnight. Consistency is part of the mental game. 

"When he goes out there, he knows it's the same product every single time," said Eichas. 

Admirals Head Coach Karl Taylor knows working behind the scenes is very hard work. 

"A lot of times the support staff only gets noticed when a mistake happens, unfortunately," said Coach Taylor. 

So while the players are trying to win games and get the attention of NHL scouts, Eichas and his staff are putting in long hours, all in the hopes of being an afterthought. 

"The best days I have are the days I don't get seen," said Eichas. "If I have everything prepared the day before, or prepared the morning of, the players don't need anything, that's the best-case scenario."

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