Beloved Milwaukee artist Cecilio Negron passes away at age 47

NOW: Beloved Milwaukee artist Cecilio Negron passes away at age 47

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many are mourning the loss of beloved Milwaukee artist Cecilio Negron Jr., lead percussionist and singer for the band De La Buena and Afro-Latino artist.

Family said Negron passed away May 25 after he complained about headaches, stomach aches and vomiting. They are waiting for the autopsy and toxicology reports.

To many, Negron Jr. was not only a teacher of beats and drums but also a teacher of life.

"He has such patience, and he listens, and he speaks," said Cecilio Negron Sr.

Negron Sr. said his son fell in love with music at a young age, ultimately making his mark in Milwaukee as an artist.

The family said Negron Jr. took his passion to a different level, teaching youth the history of Afro-Latino music.

"He took it to another level. He took it to the point where he wanted to know why this rhythm was played. Where it came from, you know what I mean? And how you're supposed to play it," said Alberto Rivera, uncle of Negron Jr.

He taught students as part of the faculty at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for almost 16 years.

Teresa Drews of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music said Negron Jr. brought several people together through his passion.

"He was someone who you'd feel like he had musical open arms. He always wanted everyone to come in," said Drews.

Negron Jr.'s family described him as a peaceful, lovable person who loved his family and community.

"It's hard because I lost my son, he lost his nephew and the community lost their boy," said Negron Sr.

Negron Jr. leaves behind four children. The family wants him to be remembered for the good he did and the many people he touched in Milwaukee.

"His legacy is listen, learn, respect and enjoy life. He enjoyed life," said Rivera.

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