Brewers extend alcohol sales an extra inning, fans see it as a win-win

NOW: Brewers extend alcohol sales an extra inning, fans see it as a win-win

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Brewers fans now have some extra time to enjoy their favorite drink at American Family Field. The team is extending alcohol sales through the end of the 8th inning on an experimental basis.

Andy Block of Oconomowoc told us, "Well, they have to make up some revenue there if you're going to have a quick game. You have to extend the concessions a little bit."

Andrew Contrucci said, "With the games being shorter, it might hurt beer sales, but you get more people into the stadium so that'll help."

The average time of MLB games last year was 3:06. So far this year, games are averaging 2:38, which means games are 28 minutes shorter on average.

Fan Paul Gaber of Appleton said, "It's definitely a lot quicker. You get up to grab a beer or go to the bathroom and come back and three outs have gone by."

Contrucci told us, "Overall it's better. It picks up the pace, which I think was a big issue with baseball. We're shaving minutes off."

Brewers President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger said the team will now be "selling beer for the same amount of time by extending to the eighth inning that we did last year through the seventh."

Ryan Strnad is a beer vendor at the park. He told us, "So far, so good. We've had a very good first series."

Strnad said during the first few games of extended sales, demand for beer was still high in the 8th inning and sales were strong.

The vendors hope the increased revenue will continue.

Strnad said, "As long as the bottom of the 8th cutoff rule stays in effect, and I think it will because the drinkers at American Family Field have been known to behave themselves a lot better."

The Brewers said they will monitor fan behavior in case the extended sales have a negative impact.

Schlesinger said there have been no issues this year, and "the number of incidents of misbehavior with alcohol are down."

Fans love what they’re seeing on the field so far this season. Andy Block said, "When you start like this, these young guys are having so much fun, this is going to be a great year."

And now they have another way to enjoy the experience in the stands.

Gaber said, "Absolutely, yeah. I'll probably grab another one in the 8th."

Fans can buy two drinks per ID.

The Brewers are not the only team extending alcohol sales through the 8th inning. Schlesinger said several other teams are experimenting with it, too.

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