Bublr Bikes launches nearly 400 electric-assist bikes in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa

NOW: Bublr Bikes launches nearly 400 electric-assist bikes in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There will soon be a fun, new way to get around Milwaukee and Wauwatosa.

Bublr Bikes is launching a fleet of nearly 400 electric-assist bikes.

You may go a little faster, and struggle up hills a little less, but remember these bikes are still like traditional bikes.

"Well it's not like a motorcycle at all, you actually need to peddle to go. So, that's what's really nice. So if you're going, you're starting to feel like it's a little hard, the e-assist just gives you a little boost," Wauwatosa resident LaiKing Moy said.

Either way, Wauwatosa resident Moy is excited for the new bikes.

"'Less cars, more go' is what I always say," she added.

Twenty-six new bike stations are coming to Milwaukee, so you may have already seen some around.

Mayor Cavalier Johnson said they'll be in places all around the city.

"Neighborhoods such as Washington Park, Midtown, King Park, Harambee, Halyard Park, Mitchell Park, Silver City, Walkers Square and Historic Mitchell Street," Johnson said.

While you can peddle faster, Bublr explained the electric assist taps out at 15 miles per hour and the e-assist lasts about 30 miles.

"If you have one of our memberships, like the Access Pass, Annual Pass or 3-day pass they're not going to cost any different," Bublr Executive Director James Davies said.

Bublr is currently rolling out roughly 270 e-bikes in Milwaukee, and has plans for 75 more in Wauwatosa later this year.

Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride says this is a good thing for both cities.

"I hope we continue to work together as communities and do all the good things to make our entire region a thriving place for everybody, and if e-bikes are the symbol of that, well good. I'll take many more rides," McBride said.

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