Bucks broadcast legend Eddie Doucette reflects on 50 years since first NBA title win

NOW: Bucks broadcast legend Eddie Doucette reflects on 50 years since first NBA title win

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks' run for their second NBA title has many reminiscing of their first and only title win 50 years ago. That includes the original voice of the Bucks Eddie Doucette.

Doucette served as the Bucks play-by-play announcer for 16 years including the team's championship win during the 1970-71 season. He said watching this year's team is bringing back a lot of great memories.

"Watching the team now in the playoffs really does bring back the thrill the energy and the excitement of being in the playoff level of where they're at - the championships," he said. "The players that are contributing now are very similar to what we went through back then and I'm reliving the whole thing now so I'm loving every bit of it!"

He coined memorable phrases including "skyhook" for the shot NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar made famous and "Bango" for Jon McGlocklin's rainbow shot that later became the name for the team's mascot.

"My legacy of course is 'Bango,' he said with a smile. "He's a terrific mascot. I had no idea my description for Jon McGlocklin's jump shot which was a rainbow jumper and when he did it, it was 'Bango!' I didn't know that the fans were going to take to that as much as they did. Back then it wasn't really fashionable to have nicknames. We kind of started something and of course you see what has happening with the game today. Lots of nicknames lots of terms I used back then 'cotton candy jump shot', 'the rainbow jump shot', 'the cyclops', 'the land of the giants', everything I have I started in Milwaukee.

As for his prediction for the finals he said he's confident the team can win it all in six games.

"I still like us in six," he said. "We get game two and that's the key. You know, back then we had great players. Players that this was a very cohesive team [and] that had a single mindedness and I think in order to win you have to have that. This team that we're watching right now, when they're good they play as one. When they come apart a little bit they start to get untangled and Giannis will try to take over and do it alone or somebody else, we gotta get back to that oneness. I think they can do it if they do.

Doucette not only left his mark on art of play-by-play broadcasting but he also helped create the MACC fund with McGlocklin in 1976. The non-profit has contributed nearly $70 million dollars to childhood cancer and blood related disorders research.

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