Bucks fans pour into Deer District to root on team together

NOW: Bucks fans pour into Deer District to root on team together

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After hearing about the Deer District's popularity taking off, Bucks fans didn't want to take any chances about getting in.

"We came here around 5:30 to get here," fan Thaily Perez said. "So we're lucky that we got in."

One word on the top of most Bucks fans minds was "together."

"We're out here celebrating together," Patty Thomas said. "Everybody's together. It's unity."

"Growing up on the Milwaukee north side and coming down to this, everybody coming together, man it's crazy," Maruice Crane said. "It's electrifying. It's mind-blowing. It's heartwarming. It's good for the city."

About 20,000 fans came together to enjoy the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals. That was made possible by the Bucks adding a new lot to watch outdoors, after they had to turn fans away during the second quarter of Game 7 against the Nets. The Bucks estimate the reconfigured Deer District could accommodate about 5,000 additional fans.

"It's so crowded out here," Wanda Kimble said. "Loud. A lot of love out here. A lot of love."

It was a confident group. Most fans went into the game feeling like their team would walk away with a win.

"Ain't nobody out in the west stopping the Bucks," De'Veon Saddler said. "Ain't nobody in the west stopping the Bucks. We took out the team with the best roster in the league. The Nets are out of the way. Bucks to the finals."

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