CBS 58 Investigates: Wisconsin election security

CBS 58 Investigates: Wisconsin election security

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the country so divided, federal, state and local law enforcement say more time went into securing this election than many any other. 

And while Homeland Security says there are not any specific threats to Wisconsin at this point, they are prepared for anything.

Wisconsin is a key swing state, and a potential target for election interference.

"States that could be competitive are more likely to be points of attack," said Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. 

For months, the US Department of Homeland Security worked with state officials to test Wisconsin's election system. 

"We've done what's called remote penetration testing. We essentially take on the roll of an internet attacker on your system and we identify potential weaknesses."

But it's not just cyber threats -- the Wisconsin Department of Justice and local law enforcement will crack down on any voter intimidation. 

"If an individual uses force or threatens to use force to prevent someone from voting or if they put someone in a state of duress to keep them from voting, they are committing a crime," said Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

"We haven't had that happen, we don't expect it to happen, but if it does, we're prepared to deal with it," added Lt. Branko Stojsavlevic of the Milwaukee Police Department. 

In Milwaukee, the police department and the sheriff's office will be securing polling stations.

Officials say they worry, so voters don't have to, and you can trust your ballot will be secure. 

They say it may take time to get results, but that doesn't mean there is a problem. 

In fact, they say a slow count is a sign of a secure count.

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