Dating app 'predator' denies allegations in phone call with CBS 58; served time for victimization of woman in 2006

NOW: Dating app ’predator’ denies allegations in phone call with CBS 58; served time for victimization of woman in 2006

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Days after Timothy Olson's arrest, facing several charges and accused of drugging and stealing from women, Olson phoned CBS 58 from jail.

Olson was taken into custody by Franklin Police on Tuesday, accused of following a 79-year-old woman from a bar, forcing her into her car at gun point and then taking one of her credit cards and withdrawing money.

Franklin police said kidnapping could be among the charges filed.

"I'm not no kidnapper, ok that’s just absurd, that's just not me. I don’t know, ask anybody who knows me that I'm not like that I'm not that way," said Olson.

He claims the 79-year-old woman knew him and texted Olson to meet up. Police have not said whether they believe the two knew each other.

Racine police investigators accuse Olson of drugging and stealing from women. They said three women have fallen unconscious in the presence of Olson, which he denies. He was charged with five counts of identity theft, which he also denies.

Olson is a person of interest in the death of Kim Mikulance. She was last seen with Olson in a South Milwaukee bar before falling unconscious, dying several days later.

"I have nothing to do with that ok, I don’t even want to discuss that because I have nothing to do with that," said Olson.

The Milwaukee District Attorney's Office confirmed with CBS 58 that they have begun looking into potential charges.

Outside of identity theft charges in Racine, Olson has not yet been charged in connection with Kim Mikulance's death or the incident in Franklin.

CBS 58 has found that Olson was arrested and served time back in 2006 for stealing a vehicle from a woman he met online.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim said she met Olson, who used an alias, on In the short time of their communication, Olson asked to borrow the victim's car for a night. The victim agreed but to have her car returned at midnight. She also lent Olson her cell phone so they could communicate throughout the night.

She also let Olson borrow $5,000 which she said was never paid back.

The car and cell phone were never returned. Olson was sentenced to almost two years for theft.

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