'Disappointing:' Milwaukee fans react to Packers' loss against Commanders as they fall to 3-4

’Disappointing: ’ Milwaukee fans react to Packers’ loss against Commanders as they fall to 3-4


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As the Packers lost their third straight game on Sunday, Oct. 23, fans in Milwaukee were left disappointed once again.

This is the first time since 2018 that the green and gold lost these many games in a row.

Scott Tolaney, who has rooted for Green Bay for 40 years, believes the coach is the issue.

“Quite frankly, Matt LaFleur is the problem,” Tolaney said. “Aaron Rodgers has kind of covered up his foibles for a long time and it’s like they can’t make it work.”

Ashley Tracy said she attended last week’s game at Lambeau Field and decided to leave partway through.

“So disappointing. I hope they can turn things around,” Tracy said. “[Today] was a bad game so I cleaned my house.”

Packers fan Kim Schnell called the loss against the Washington Commanders “depressing.”

“It was not exactly what we thought we were gonna see this year,” Schnell said. “We really thought we were going to make it. We really did. “

Despite the sore start, they’re remaining hopeful for the rest of the season.

“You gotta have faith, we can’t bail on ‘em from a few bad games,” Tracy said.

Marco Buelna agreed, adding that it’s “all about a comeback.”

“You win some, you lose some,” Buelna said.

The Packers head to Buffalo next week where they will take on the Bills.

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