'Don't give up on your dreams': Tauro Cocina owners living the American dream

NOW: ’Don’t give up on your dreams’: Tauro Cocina owners living the American dream

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The culinary world is all about bringing dynamic flavors to the mouths of foodies and here in Milwaukee an immigrant-family-owned restaurant called Tauro Cocina is bringing a fusion of Mexican and Italian cuisine to the East side.

"Our cuisine focuses on Mexican and Italian fusion. So we make pasta and pizzas in house and add a little Mexican flair to all of it," said Alberto Valdepena Jr., manager at Tauro Cocina.

You can see that Mexican flair in one of their most popular dishes, the Fettuccini Al Mezcal. It's a house-made fettuccini tossed with mezcal chipotle cream.

That blend even transcends to their drinks. They offer an Italian Paloma which fuses the Mexican Paloma and an Aperol Spritz.

Tauro Cocina has been opened for less than a year but it's already gathered loyal customers. The Valdepena family attribute that to the core of the restaurant which focuses on family and unity.

"In Mexican households you grow up in you have big parties, a lot of food, a lot of laughing so I think that's the atmosphere that we bring here," said Marco Valdepena, the youngest in the family and one of the managers of the restaurant.

Tauro Cocina is owned by Alberto Valdepena Sr. and his wife Ahide Valdepena and managed by their sons. The family said the restaurant was a dream come true, especially for Valdepena Sr.

"it’s a dream and here we are," said Valdepena.

Valdepena is an immigrant from Morelos, Mexico. His love for cooking began in the states.

"Everything started here in the united states in a Italian restaurant. That's where my passion for Italian food started. That's where I began to see how the cooks worked," said Valdepena.

He started off as bus boy and make his way to become chef, he's been one for over 20 years. His dream was to own a restaurant of his own with his family.

Marco Valdepena said his parents' success didn't happen without a lot of sacrifice and hard work.

" They came here at a really young age, speaking a different language, you know no friends no family. They had to kind of pave the way for themselves in a society where everything is kind of pinned against you," said Marco Valdepena.

Ahide Valdepena said she hopes other's see their success and know that the American dream really is possible.

"it has been a goal, an idea, a dream for many years. It didn't happen overnight and definitely it’s the American dream," said Ahide Valdepena.

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