Don't plant yet! More frost and freeze conditions possible this week

NOW: Don’t plant yet! More frost and freeze conditions possible this week

Despite some warmth over the last few weeks, it's still too early to plant those spring flowers. But, we are approaching that season when it becomes more and more possible. April 22nd is the average date of the last freeze of 32 degrees or colder in Milwaukee. Over the last few years we have been very close to that date either just before or after but 2020 had a late last on May 9th. Right now the last time we got to 32 or colder in Milwaukee was April 9th. 

Most lakeside and southern hometowns see their last freeze during these last ten days of April but inland and some northern counties don't see their last freeze of 32 or colder until the first week or so of May. And frost chances could linger for a couple more weeks beyond that.

Monday morning was a chilly start, especially away from the lakefront, where we saw low to mid 30s and a patchy frost and freeze. 

There's no concern for a frost Tuesday morning with lows hovering around 50 thanks to a warm southwest wind and clouds but Wednesday and Thursday mornings will be chilly. A frost looks very possible Wednesday morning and a widespread freeze is definitely likely, even lakeside, for Thursday. After that we warm up and our frost and freeze concerns go away for a bit.

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