Early voting begins in Wisconsin for spring election

NOW: Early voting begins in Wisconsin for spring election

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin municipalities including Milwaukee held their first day of early voting Tuesday, March 21 to allow voters to cast their ballots for the spring election, one that is expected to see a strong turnout with a high-stakes state Supreme Court race at the top of the ballot.

Milwaukee has seven different early voting locations including:

  • Midtown Shopping Center
  • Zeidler Municipal Building
  • Zablocki Library
  • Good Hope Library
  • Mitchell Street Library
  • Villard Square Library
  • Washington Park Library

The sites will have early voting available until April 1. Voter registration at early voting sites ends on March 31.

Turnout is expected to be high during the spring election due to the state Supreme Court race which has drawn in millions from political parties and interest groups in campaign ads to mobilize voters.

"I like to early vote to beat the crowd on election day so I do this every election," Tom Graves of Milwaukee told CBS 58 after voting at the Zeidler Building downtown. "Especially recently and with all the political ads that have been on TV as of late, it inspired to come out even sooner."

Others were glad to cross off the item off their to-do list.

"I just wanted to get it over with," Cassandra Zumstein said. "Usually I like to vote on the day of the election but today it just kind of worked out that it was a nice day and just something I wanted to do."

The spring election also features referendums and races for seats on the Milwaukee Common Council, Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee Public School Board.

While spring elections are known for lower turnout, some voters believe every opportunity to vote should be exercised.

"I believe in voting," Margaret Todd said outside the Midtown early voting site. "I vote whenever the polls are open. I vote and I always encourage others to vote also. I believe in the right to vote. That's a privilege."

There will be no ballot drop boxes during this election season.

Voters in suburbs can check on their municipality's early voting opportunities through their city clerk.

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