Encampment remains at UW-Madison Thursday as protesters meet with administrators

NOW: Encampment remains at UW-Madison Thursday as protesters meet with administrators

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Encampments remain in the Library Mall at University of Wisconsin in Madison, eleven days after protests first began on campus.

Protest leaders walked out of a negotiation meeting with UW administrators Wednesday, after they say a proposal highlighting their demands wasn't well addressed.

"They had no updates on the proposal, it didn't look like they had any questions, any updates, any revisions to the proposal," said Sara, a spokesperson for the pro-Palestinian protest on campus.

Negotiations continued Thursday, particularly focused on the nature of the University's private investments.

"I think it's shameful that the university seems to have focused their entire will and energy on camps on a lawn, rather than actually addressing where their money is, and if that money is actually helping to contribute to 44,000 people dying in Gaza," said the protest spokesperson.

Protesters are concerned about the transparency of the school's investments through the UW Foundation, a private entity. They want assurance that the university's money isn't contributing to the war in Gaza.

The university released a statement Wednesday, citing the Chancellor does not have control of how their endowment is invested.

"The administration has offered to facilitate access to decision makers for student protest leaders as next steps for them to advocate for their positions," the statement reads.

Protesters are continuing demands for clarity and ethical investments moving forward.

A spokesperson tells us the encampment's future will be a collective decision by students, faculty, and the community.

"We're out here just trying to ensure that people, students like us who have lost every single university in Gaza can continue to live and continue to have a future," Sara said.

The university said ending the encampment is their priority.

A doctoral graduation ceremony is scheduled for Friday night at the Kohl Center.

The university's main commencement ceremony is set for Saturday at noon at Camp Randall.

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