'Exactly what we intended 12 years ago': Bronzeville Week continues with Cultural and Arts Festival

NOW: ’Exactly what we intended 12 years ago’: Bronzeville Week continues with Cultural and Arts Festival

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Art. Culture. History. It's all an important part of Bronzeville Week 2023 and on full display at Sunday's Bronzeville Cultural and Arts Festival.

"The first time we ever did it, it was one block," said Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs (District 6), who helped spearhead the event over a decade ago. "It's so great to see North Ave. from King Dr. to 7th St. full of vendors and people and children having fun. This is exactly what we intended 12 years ago."

North Ave. was filled with vendors selling everything from clothes and jewelry to art and sizzling turkey legs. For Bronzeville resident Antoine Carter, the week of events, including the Cultural and Arts Festival, is one he looks forward to each year.

"All of the culture coming together and just embracing being a great city and being a great neighborhood," Carter said. "It's just a small taste of the things that you can go to every single day."

Ossie Baker was one of the vendors serving up some tasty food to attendees. He says it's about much more than just selling food.

"It's a together thing," Baker said. "Everybody comes together. It's love and happiness and it's joy. That's why I love Bronzeville."

While the Cultural and Arts Festival is perhaps the largest of the Bronzeville Week events, it's a way for organizers to engage with the community and inform people about other events taking place now through Saturday, Aug. 12, the last day of Bronzeville Week.

"We get the schedule out there and get people hyped up for the rest of the week which is full of everything from artists and demonstrations to panel discussions and workshops and then we end with the Art Walk next Saturday," Ald. Coggs said. "Bronzeville Week is just our opportunity to showcase a little taste of what already exists in Bronzeville."

For a full schedule of events, visit the Bronzeville Week Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BronzevilleWeek

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