Deer District draws biggest crowd of postseason as Bucks demolish Hawks

NOW: Deer District draws biggest crowd of postseason as Bucks demolish Hawks

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Bucks expected their biggest Deer District crowd of the postseason for game two of the Eastern Conference Finals -- they got it.

Reports of rain did not stop more than 20,000 fans from packing into the outdoor viewing plaza to watch their team even the series 1-1 in dominating fashion.

Some fans were fairly new to Bucks games.

"I went to my first one for Christmas, and this is my second one," Cooper Almy said. "I'm with my family, and I'm super excited."

Some fans look forward to every playoff game.

"We're the most segregated city in the country, but not during the playoffs," 7th grade Milwaukee teacher Mark Peterson said.  "And not down here in the Deer District. All of that goes out the window, and it's the most beautiful feeling that I've ever felt being from here."

People used the opportunity to show off Milwaukee to their friends across the country.

"I have a kids camp that's in Whitefish Bay, and I have staff from all over the country that came in to work for me, and I'm bringing them out here so they can see what Milwaukee's about."

Others used the spotlight to defend their city after it was roasted as a possible finals destination on ESPN's First Take.

"I was insulted by their comments, so I had to let them know they don't know us," said Renecia Scruggs-Smith, who put a picture of ESPN host Stephen A Smith's head on a donkey for her sign."

After the Bucks walked away with the convincing win, the biggest phrase from the Deer District was "Bucks in 5."

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