Fires, chaos erupts in Kenosha for a 2nd night following Jacob Blake shooting

NOW: Fires, chaos erupts in Kenosha for a 2nd night following Jacob Blake shooting

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Chaos erupted in Kenosha overnight on Monday, August 24 into the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 25.

Several businesses were burned and looted as fire crews from around the area and northern Illinois worked together to put them out.

It marks the second straight night of protests in Kenosha after a police shooting of a Black man was caught on camera.
The video sparked national outrage after going viral on social media Sunday.

Cell phone video shows 29-year-old Jacob Blake walking away from officers and trying to get into an SUV when one officer grabs his shirt. That officer then fires several shots.

CBS 58 spoke with several protesters early Tuesday morning.

"We were here just marching with the people and we were just hoping to show our faces. Our silence isn’t going to do anything so we’re trying to make a difference, so we’re out here with everybody else because this is our lives," one person said. "This is our kid's lives, our family’s lives and it has to stop soon."

Another person said the looting and destruction is the only way they feel their message will get across.

"Sorry that the buildings are burning down but you can replace these buildings but you can’t replace lives," protesters said. "I was going to say is it the peaceful protests or is it the fire and the looting? Burning and looting. I definitely don’t think they’re looting enough. I think every building on this block should be on fire because that’s the only way they’re listening to us. Because if we kneel nothing is going to change, but if we burn some buildings down we’re going to get looked at."

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