Former Buck Desmond Mason works on mural celebrating team, Milwaukee

NOW: Former Buck Desmond Mason works on mural celebrating team, Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Work is continuing on a series of murals celebrating the Bucks and Milwaukee.

The last one is being finished up by former Buck Desmond Mason. He said the message of his mural rings perfectly with Tuesday's championship win.

"(Tuesday) seeing the Deer District, seeing 65,000 people root for one team, and then celebrate without any issues, I think that's a step in the right direction," said Mason.

His inspiration for the mural came from his time with the Bucks and living in this city. He said the message is meant to be on the nose.

"We are better together, there's no other way around it. When you read it, you know exactly what it means," said Mason.

Celebrating a championship together with a parade is something the Bucks didn't get to do 50 years ago.

"Basketball wasn't as big then. I did some research, there was no parade in New York in 1970, or a parade in Los Angeles in 1972," said Bucks Historian Rick Schabowski.

He said professional basketball has come a long way since its early days, and he said the passion was on full display during Game 6 at the Deer District.

"I think we have the most passionate and energetic fans and I think the Deer District is a real testimony to that, that we're unique as an NBA city to have that set up that way," said Schabowski.

As the celebrations spill into Thursday, fans like Schabowski, and former players like Mason said it has been a great ride.

"Last night the energy was crazy, obviously seeing the Bucks win was ideal for all involved," said Mason.

Mason said the mural will be finished by Thursday afternoon.

It's on the parade route, but will be up with its message of unity into the future.

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