George Webb worker speaks out after being shot while taking orders

NOW: George Webb worker speaks out after being shot while taking orders

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A server brutally attacked and shot while working at a George Webb restaurant is sharing his story.

Anthony Rodriguez was left with serious injuries; he talks differently, and can't move the same. He also has weight restrictions. Rodriguez says the whole incident started because of a missing hamburger. 

Rodriguez still has the bullet in his neck. 

"Apparently it's too close to my spine for them to remove it," Rodrigeuz said. 

Rodriquez was shot through his upper lip and it knocked out all of his upper right teeth. 

"The bullet grazed my tongue and it also went through my throat and they stitched all that back up," he said. 

Rodriguez is a server at the George Webb restaurant in Wauwatosa. On Jan. 30, he was shot and attacked while taking orders. 

Twin sisters, Bryanna and Breanta Johnson, were arrested in connection and now facing attempted first degree intentional homicide charges. 

"It all started over a missing hamburger," Rodriguez said. "I told them it would be an over a 30 minute wait to get other hamburger and it just escalated from there."

Police say surveillance video shows Breanta punching and wrestling Rodriguez to the ground. Seconds later, police say Bryanna shot Rodriguez in the face.

"I just remember coughing up blood and teeth right away," he said. "Looking back, I probably could have walked away too but I am on the clock, it's not like I can disengage and leave."

Rodriguez may be in pain and a bit bruised up, but he walked away with his life and will continue to be a father to his son. 

"I'm thankful to see my son as much as I do and I get to see the rest of my family," he said. 

Bryanna and Breanta Johnson are set for another court appearance on March 10. 

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