Germantown police officer praised for helping deliver baby boy

NOW: Germantown police officer praised for helping deliver baby boy

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Germantown police officer is being praised for helping deliver a baby. 

There was no time to get to the hospital this week when a Germantown mom went into labor at a home. Police got there in time.

Officer Justin Pesch, with six years on the job, pulled up. He says the second he got out of his squad he could hear a woman scream. Just three minutes later as he got into the house, baby Mason popped out. A joyful reunion, just five days after this young family had a jolting experience.

"I tell everybody I went into code mode like this is what I need. I need towels. I need somebody here and I need some help," said Christine Rukis, Mason's mom.

Christine Rukis, an NICU nurse, was on her bathroom floor -- her husband Alex on the phone with dispatch.

Dispatch: "If the baby's head starts to come out, I want you to put one hand under the baby's head to support as baby comes out. Okay?

Caller: "Okay." (screams)

With his wife in extreme pain, Alex Rukis was trying to keep it together, terrified of what could go wrong in this moment for his young family, which includes two other boys, Connor and Dillon.

"Little nervous, frightened, scared, anxious, like thinking of her, thinking through all the scenarios," said Alex Rukis, Mason's Dad.

Amazingly, Officer Pesch was just blocks away and rushed over.

"As I was driving there they said the baby's coming so I got a little nervous," said Germantown Police Officer Justin Pesch.

But nerves didn't show, and that was helpful for this couple in their time of need.

"I would never have known that he didn't deliver a baby before based on how calm he was, he just was able to get us to calm down," said Christine Rukis.

Caller: "Keep pushing, okay."

Dispatch: "Okay Alex, is the baby coming?"

"His head was out in the first push and his body was out in the second one and it was the fastest delivery I've ever had," said Christine Rukis.

"Definitely was a crazy experience and he was so small, so cute," said Officer Pesch.

"Delivering on the floor of my bathroom was not any idea of a perfect delivery for me in any way shape or form. He just had to make sure everybody knew he existed so he had to come in with a bang," said Christine Rukis.

Following the at-home delivery, baby Mason and his mom took an ambulance down to Froedtert where they heard the happy ending, that baby Mason at six pounds and eight ounces is healthy.

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