Here's where the 2020 Brewers baseball giveaways are going -- including those bobbleheads

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The MLB is planning to play a full 162-game season after canceling nearly two-thirds of their games last year because of the pandemic. But there's a rather unusual problem: what to do with the millions of bobbleheads and other giveaways that should have gone to fans last year. 

The merchandise is made months in advance of the season, so when COVID hit and fans couldn't attend the games, it all simply sat in boxes -- never to be sold or given away. 

Bobbleheads, however, are probably the biggest ticket items in terms of baseball merchandise and there's tens of thousands of last year's featuring all-time greats and more recent players of that year. 

They're likely to be given away or sold this year, even if the packaging is a bit dated. And maybe a pandemic-era bobblehead is even more valuable this time around. 

"I can just imagine these bobblehead collectors like myself salivating over the chance to get a hold of these bobblehead dolls that no one's seen may never see," said Randy Policar, bobblehead collector. "Getting your hands on a bobblehead that was never distributed is like the Holy Grail for collectors.// that's what you want, that's the crown jewel of your collection." 

Only time will tell how valuable the bobbleheads could become. 

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