'It's going to help me out big time': West Bend man gifted car through Recycled Rides program

NOW: ’It’s going to help me out big time’: West Bend man gifted car through Recycled Rides program

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) – A set of wheels and a second chance.

Organizations in West Bend presented a much-needed gift to a man working on his future.

Michael Frey is now the proud owner of a newly refurbished 2019 Buick, and it's a bit of an upgrade from his 29-year-old pickup truck.

"It's on its last leg, literally. It barely started on my way to this place today," Frey said Tuesday.

The gift is part of National Auto Body Council's Recycled Rides program, where insurance companies work with body shops to donate cars to those in need.

"They find charities and they collaborate and have the car refurbished to be able to present to folks, to help them in their lives moving forward," said Gene Jaremek, general manager of Crash Champions in West Bend.

Geico donated the car, Crash Champions fixed it up, and NABC contacted Family Promise of Washington County, a homelessness program.

"They have action plans and case plans," explained Lori Prescott, executive director of Family Promise of Washington County. "They're working on coming in from their survival mode of being homeless and working to where they can be successful through that program."

Frey has been receiving help from Family Promise for nine months, and he has since earned a stable job, savings, and his own apartment.

"All the things lined up for him, and then when NABC reached out to us, we were like, we have a perfect candidate," Prescott said.

"I'm grateful and thankful for everybody that supported me throughout my journey, and just, I'm speechless," Frey said.

Recycled Rides gives both cars and people a second chance.

"It could make the difference for a person to get to medical appointments, to get to work and back, to get their life back on track," Jaremek said.

"It's going to help me out big time. I'm going to have a reliable vehicle finally," Frey said.

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