'It's heartbreaking, I thought we moved past that:' Milwaukee activists discuss looting, unrest

NOW: ’It’s heartbreaking, I thought we moved past that:’ Milwaukee activists discuss looting, unrest

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee activist and co-founder of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate Tracey Dent spoke with CBS 58 Monday, June 1 following a third night of unrest in the city.

"It's heartbreaking, I thought we moved past that, we just have peaceful protest," Dent said. "But now coming here [3rd and Center], looking at the graffiti and the destruction, the burning... enough is enough."

Dent said these actions are no longer about supporting George Floyd's family or those in Minnesota.

"This is a hidden agenda to destroy our own community," he said. "Dialogue needs to start happening now... with the chief of police, elected officials, with community leaders to start forming a solution to the frustration, to the anger that is going on here in the city of Milwaukee, because this is more than supporting Minnesota."

CBS 58 also spoke with another activist, Darrol Gibson, from Leaders Igniting Transformation.

Gibson talked about the frustration, anger and disappointment and lack of leadership that has led to this point.

"For those out there that are wondering, you know, why people join this, you know, why people are upset, I question what is the proper response to know that your existence is a threat?" Gibson said. "Right now the brick and mortar we see on the street doesn't compare to loss of life. Those can be replaced, my life can't be."

You can watch the entire interview with Gibson below:

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