Darrell Brooks, suspect accused in Waukesha Christmas parade attack, will stand trial

NOW: Darrell Brooks, suspect accused in Waukesha Christmas parade attack, will stand trial

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — Darrell Brooks, the man accused in the Waukesha parade attack, will stand trial on all 77 charges.

On Friday morning, a court commissioner found probable cause to bound Darrell Brooks over for trial. The ruling came after a preliminary hearing, where an officer who tried to stop Brooks, took the stand.

In court Darrell appeared calm, wearing a standard jail uniform. It was a contrast with the Brooks who appeared in November, sobbing and wearing a suicide prevention smock.

The state called just one witness, Detective Thomas Casey. He was the first officer to spot the SUV as it entered the parade route.

"I first stepped in front of the SUV, put my hands up and was yelling for the vehicle to stop," Det. Casey testified.

"Did it stop?" asked Waukesha District Attorney Sue Opper.

"It did not," responded Det. Casey.

Det. Casey says he chased after the SUV, but Brooks drove off.

He also recounted the more than 60 videos police collected which show the attack.

"As it's zig-zagging through the crowd, hitting people, running people over," Det. Casey said. "When it approaches Clinton [St.] it increases its speed. It appears he's aiming for people. At one point, someone is on the hood of the car, he slams on the brakes so the person falls off and then he runs them over."

Det. Casey identified Brooks as the driver of the SUV, something the defense questioned on cross examination.

"But you couldn't see the length of his hair, is that correct?" the defense asked.

"I personally did not see that," Det. Casey said.

"Because it was covered with a hood?" the defense asked.

"I was just focused on his face, I was zeroed in on that," Det. Casey said. "It happened very fast."

The defense did not call any witnesses.

The entire attack lasted three to four minutes, spanning five blocks, killing six and injuring 61 others.

Brooks will be arraigned on Feb. 11. At that time he will formally enter his pleas to all 77 counts.

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