Kolek and Jones lead the Marquette charge

DALLAS, Texas (CBS 58) -- When the calendar turns to March guard play becomes even more important in college basketball. A reliable guard can be the difference between a national champion and a stunning upset. Marquette has two of the best in the nation, Tyler Kolek and Kam Jones.

"Man we've grown tremendously. Just gaining trust over the years," said Jones. "Working countless hours in the off-season together from taking vacations together, we've pretty much done it all. 

"Our connection has only grown every year. I think he's one of the most underrated players in the country still even though he's had these big games. I just love to see his growth," Kolek said. 

Kolek and Jones have combined for more than half of the Golden Eagles’ points and assists in the tournament. Not only do they fill up the box score, they also inspire their teammates.

"I get a lot of confidence [from them]. In huddles they always tell us when we're open shoot it. As a guard group we're all connected and tight and telling each other what we need from each other," said Chase Ross, sophomore guard for Marquette. 

"They've been so consistent. They've been playing at an elite level all season so having them in our backcourt is definitely an advantage," said Oso Ighodaro, senior forward for Marquette.

NC State Coach Kevin Keatts tells me Kolek and Jones are at the top of their scouting report.

"Man those guys are really good," Keatts said. "And I'm trying to figure out which one is better. I know that's not fair to them but they complement each other. That's a major challenge for us because in order for us to have success we've got to do a good job of controlling those guys."

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