Legally blind man killed near 37th and Burleigh in Milwaukee

NOW: Legally blind man killed near 37th and Burleigh in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- A blind Milwaukee man was murdered Monday night, May 16, near 37th and Burleigh. He's another victim of gun violence that plagued the city this week.

Thirty-one-year-old Deshawn Lumas was just 12 days away from his 32nd birthday. He was shot at his home and later died at the hospital.

"Tough, hard, that's all I can say. Not getting no sleep at all," Ida Allen said, Lumas' mother. "When I talk to him everyday... we never missed a phone call. Now, I can't even here his voice no more."

Lumas' brother is still in shock, trying to face what is the new reality. 

"It still seem unreal to me. He was phenomenal, a good genuine dude," Gerrick Price said. 

Lumas was legally blind. However, his inability to see didn’t slow him down.

"He loved to dance, going out to eat, going to the malls, playing with his daughter, playing games. he was definitely a Packers fan," Price said. 

Lumas' love for people stemmed beyond family. He extended his arms to neighbors, welcoming them into the community.

"He makes it his job to know everyone around here and makes sure everyone gets alone fine," said neighbor Robert Moore. "He gave me his time and his respect, saw me walking my son to school everyday. He told me he acknowledges me as a person."

Balloons, candles and a hat are left outside his house, memorializing a man whose vision inspired others.

"They took him away from his daughter, his family, he's truly going to be missed," Price said.

"I just want the people to catch him, catch whoever did it, get them off the streets before they harm anyone," Allen said. 

Lumas' killer is still on the run. Police need the community's help tracking him down. Call police or call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous at 414-224-TIPS. 

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