Local lottery ticket worth $125K still unclaimed

NOW: Local lottery ticket worth $125K still unclaimed

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Check your pockets, check your couch cushions.

A lottery ticket sold in Mequon is worth $125,000 and the winner has until Thursday afternoon to claim it. The winning numbers were 2-11-15-16-26.

Someone bought the winning ticket at Olsen's Piggly Wiggly in Mequon on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

CBS 58 spoke with a manager at the store, who says when they found out that much money was unclaimed, they tried to find the person who bought the winning ticket, but their security footage doesn't archive back to July.

Shannon Ward, communications supervisor for the Wisconsin State Lottery, says winners have 180 days to claim their ticket, and if it is lost, they are out of luck.

"The purchaser of the ticket is responsible for keeping it in good repair, also they are responsible for signing the back of the ticket," Ward said.

This is not the largest unclaimed lottery prize in Wisconsin.

In 2021, a $1 million ticket was sold in Milwaukee and never claimed.

Ward says that all unclaimed lottery prizes go to the state property tax relief fund.

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