Local political experts comparing Georgia election to Wisconsin's

NOW: Local political experts comparing Georgia election to Wisconsin’s


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Locally in Wisconsin political experts are weighing in on the midterm results as well nearly a week after election day.

Political science experts here say the closeness of this election on the national stage is very reflective of what's going on right here in Wisconsin.

"I think that we've gotten so glib about saying that Wisconsin is a deep purple state or Wisconsin as a 50/50 state, that we really missed something," said UW-Milwaukee political science professor Emeritus Mordecai Lee.

He says with Tony Evers and Ron Johnson both winning re-election bids, while Tim Michels and Mandela Barnes lost, is very similar to what happened nationally.

"It turns out that Wisconsin is 49% of Republicans, 49% Democratic states and 2% independent swing voters," said Lee.

A 2% of voters he says might be voting for Democrats and Republicans on the same ticket.

Now, all eyes are on Georgia for the runoff election there between senate candidates Hershel Walker and Rafael Warnock in December to see how the 50/50 split in the senate turns out.

"We're starting to get the impression that Georgia is a little bit like Wisconsin. In other words, it's a tightly competitive state. Sometimes Democrats win and sometimes Republicans win. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion, which of the two candidates will win," said Lee.

Lee says winning this seat in the senate could expand power significantly for whichever party wins, as committees won't be split down the middle any longer.

"The only legislation that comes out of committees when you have a 50/50 Senate is either compromise or paralysis," said Lee.

The Georgia senate race is going to a runoff election because neither candidate reached 50%.after election night. Warnock was leading Walker by about 35,000 votes. 

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