Milwaukee man sentenced for role in fatal shooting of Purcell Pearson

NOW: Milwaukee man sentenced for role in fatal shooting of Purcell Pearson

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One of the teens charged in the fatal shooting of Purcell Pearson learned his fate Thursday, March 31. 

Authorities say the shooting happened last February in Milwaukee over the selling of designer sunglasses.

Tyrell Joseph apologized in court for his part, as the driver, in this killing. He says this was not his intention.

The judge handed down a sentence of 15 years for the now 18-year-old -- nine years of initial confinement followed by six years of extended supervision, with credit for 399 days served.

It's a sentence Purcell Pearson's family says they can accept.

Joseph pleaded guilty to second degree reckless homicide, party to a crime, for last year's incident.

Authorities say Pearson was shot near 22nd and Wisconsin last February while selling designer glasses to Joseph and his 17-year-old cousin, Ismael Moreno.

In court Thursday, Joseph's attorney admitted no one knows what really happened that day.

He said the transaction grew contentious when his client wanted a refund. His client got scared and drove off with Pearson hanging onto the vehicle.

The judge called out the many missing details in this case, focusing on how this could have been prevented and what Joseph did to further aggravate the situation by driving away.

"It actually brought tears to my eyes, you know, because not only is my family hurting -- his is hurting too, right? And I really hope that what he said, you know, I accept his apology. I forgive him. But I hope he takes this time to turn himself around and to be a positive person in our society," said Pearson's mother, Stephanie Johnson.

This case is not over. Tyrell's cousin, Ismael Moreno, is charged and still on the run.

Authorities say he's the one who shot Pearson. The gun was never recovered.

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