MKE Influencers: Nathan Marzion, Marquette grad turned social media star

MKE Influencers: Nathan Marzion, Marquette grad turned social media star

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Those who follow Milwaukee Bucks basketball on social media have probably come across the name Nathan Marzion.

With over 53K followers on the app X, formerly known as Twitter, and two podcasts focused on the Bucks and Green Bay Packers, the self-proclaimed sports fan from Muskego has built a passionate following that all started thanks to his love for another sports team; a Major League Baseball team about an hour-and-a-half south.

"When I was a freshman at Marquette, I only had about 700, 800 followers on Twitter at the time, and I had tweeted, you know, 'If the Brewers beat the Cubs in the division this year, I'll write a 1,000-word apology letter and send it to anybody who likes this tweet," Marzion recalled. "The Brewers came back, beat us (Cubs) in game 163 by one game. I had to write a bunch of apology letters."

While his fingers may have been tired from typing up so many apologies, the response was something he never imagined.

"It kind of blew up, got me some attention," Marzion explained. "I think people saw that I'm a Bucks fan, a Packers fan and kind of latched on to me from that."

The following continued to grow with Marzion surpassing over 20k followers in just two years. Then, the Bucks playoff run changed everything.

"I almost doubled what I had before just by the playoff run and the Bucks becoming good," Marzion said. "It shows, you know, how much different things are when the team is good and how much more publicity the team gets and how much more people want to talk about the Bucks when they're good compared to when they were really bad and nobody really cared."

With tens of thousands of followers keeping an eye on his posts, Marzion admits there's a bit more pressure when it comes to sharing and creating content. Still, the marketing employee by day, social media influencer by night is grateful for the position in which he finds himself.

"Just knowing that whatever you say, people, you know, there's going to be a lot of eyes on it," Marzion explained. "Especially when you're doing sports takes and stuff like that. You can be dead wrong on stuff and people are actually going to see it, People are going to call you out on it when you have a following compared to if you don't."

Today, Marzion admits he's a bit more recognizable with sports fans and follower sometimes approaching him in public places, many times referring to him as 'the guy from Twitter'.

"I think it's the perfect amount of, you know, fame that it's not annoying, but it's still really cool and it's still fun," Marzion said. "And it, you know, it kind of keeps me going. It keeps me like people really are appreciating what you're doing. I'm not always going to say the perfect things. I'm not always going to be a perfect representation of the Bucks fan base. I'm going to have my own opinions and stuff, but just a really passionate, loyal fan that I think can embody what you know, again, that fan base is like. There's a ton of loyal, passionate Bucks fans like myself that have been there since the beginning."

You can follow Nathan Marzion on X @nathanmarzion.

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