Waukesha Christmas parade survivors 'mentally prepare' for trial amid developments in suspect's case

NOW: Waukesha Christmas parade survivors ’mentally prepare’ for trial amid developments in suspect’s case

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade attack are navigating recent developments in the suspect's court case as they "mentally prepare" for a long month ahead.

The suspect, Darrell Brooks, is scheduled to stand trial beginning one week from Monday on Oct. 3.

There's been a number of twists and turns leading up to trial. The most recent is the defendant's sudden wish to represent himself.

Victims, who asked to remain anonymous, told CBS 58 they are hopelessly angry.

"It seems like a delay tactic," the victims said in a statement.

At this point, the court doesn't know why Brooks asked for new representation.

Judge Jennifer Dorow is expected to question him about it on Tuesday.

Wisconsin law states she can't make a decision on the motion before having a thorough conversation with the defendant about his reasons, the pros and cons of having counsel and the seriousness of his charges.

No matter what Dorow decides, victims said they hope the trial will begin as scheduled.

"The defendant has been part of the defense team since the beginning. So therefore, he should be able to start on Oct. 3 as planned if he is granted the motion," the victims said.

The hope is for the trial to be concluded before the first anniversary of the attack.

"The community needs closure. The victims, or should we say survivors (including the family members of the ones that passed), should not have to endure this being dragged out," the victims said.

The victims told CBS 58 the decision won't change their intentions to attend or watch the trial. 

"Now we have to try and prepare ourselves for what could be the unexpected," the victims said.

They added that the best thing the community can do right now is continue to support each other.

A hearing to discuss the motion for defense attorneys Jeremy Perri and Anna Kees to withdraw from the case is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

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