'An all-around genuine kid': 14-year-old star football player killed in Racine

NOW: ’An all-around genuine kid’: 14-year-old star football player killed in Racine

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A teen has died after a shooting in Racine Sunday night, March 13. Eugene Henderson was just 14 years old.

Bullet holes on a building near 20th and Racine street are a reminder of Eugene Henderson's tragic death. However, people will forever remember him as a star football player.

"We're talking about an 8th grader, a freshman in high school who had a lot of potential is gone now," Kevin Quijano said. He is Henderson's former football coach. 

Henderson was shot in the head. Police say he was the passenger in a stolen car. The driver and Henderson got into an argument with someone from a different car and shots were fired.

"This a 14-year-old child. It doesn't matter what he was doing, it doesn't matter where he was. This needs to stop."'

Henderson was a member of the Kenosha Ramblers football team for three years. He last played in 2019. Quijana says he was a beast on the field. 

"I would say he was one of the best players in the entire league, and that league spans from Kenosha down to Downers Grove, to Crystal Lake."

Not only was he a strong player, he was coachable and always wanted to get better.

"It's easy to coach a team when your best player is also the most coachable, because everyone else just falls in line."

Even in spirit, Henderson will always be the most valuable player.

"He was an all-around genuine kid."

The family has started a Gofundme page. If you would like to donate, please follow this link.

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