Packers' David Bakhtiari says he's done for season with knee injury

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Packers All-Pro offensive tackle David Bakhtiari told reporters Friday, Oct. 6, in Green Bay that he is done for the season as he still deals with knee issues.

"My goal is to be back for training camp next year," said Bakhtiari in a nearly 40-minute session in the Packers locker room.

Bakhtiari was placed on injured reserve on Thursday, Sept. 28 and had the option to return for this season after four weeks, but now his season is over.

Three-time pro bowler initially suffered an ACL injury on Dec. 24, 2020. Since then, he told reporters he has had two knee scopes, in addition to another knee surgery this season. He also says another surgery is needed to address the issue now, but it is not his ACL, but instead cartilage around the knee.

"Can we clear out the forest and then see is this the root of the problem. Now we're at the point that 'that is the root of your problem'. Great. We always knew it was there," said Bakhtiari describing the delay in the process to get to this point. "My ACL has been fine; I totally trust it. It's not been a problem. I never even really wore a knee brace. It's been this other issue. We couldn't directly identify that was the problem."

"We don't want to do more(surgery) than we have to. That was the recommendations of multiple doctors that we felt just stabilize it and we'll see."

Since his injury on Christmas Eve three years ago, Bakhtiari has played just 13 of a possible 38 games for the Packers including the season opener against the Chicago Bears in Week 1 on Sept. 10.

"We tried every which way to see, to not have to get the surgery or to make sure really this the option we have to take - the course of action we have to take," said Bakhtiari. "Obviously, we hit a point where it's been drawing on for so long clearly, we just need to fix this."

In 2024, the two-time first team All-Pro will be entering the final season of a 4-year contract extension he signed in 2020. Bakhtiari recently turned 34, and he feels he can still play at a high level. He knows though that he can't control if the Packers want to move in a different direction.

"They have decisions to make what's best for the franchise and I understood that the moment I got in here. I've seen every face go. This face is going to go to," said Bakhtiari. "I have a really good relationship with (Packers general manager) Brian (Gutekunst) he's been awesome with me. I pick up all his facetimes."

"I would love to play here until I decide that I'm done," he added. "Regardless of whatever happens, it's just life. If it does, great. If not, then I can only control what I can control. I want to keep playing, if I can keep playing here, great."

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