Packers host annual shareholders meeting amid reports Rodgers will return to team

NOW: Packers host annual shareholders meeting amid reports Rodgers will return to team

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Green Bay Packers shareholders enjoyed the chance to hold their meeting in person this year, but some wanted a little more information from the team.

"It was great," shareholder Mark James said. "You know I was hoping to hear a little bit more about Aaron Rodgers, you know, that he's going to commit, but it never happened."

There were nearly 4,000 shareholders at Lambeau Field and another 8,000 watching online on Monday, July 26, according to the team.

Fans with an eye on their phone found social media reports indicating Rodgers would be joining his teammates for the 2021 season.

"You know, by social media, he is coming back they say, so that is very positive," shareholder Paul Albinger said. "I mean, during the meeting they kept it positive."

Many compared this to the end of the Brett Favre era, but said this time is different.

"I liked the fact there wasn't a lot in the news between the two," said shareholder Steve Simmons from Prole, IA.

This was his first shareholder meeting, and in Lambeau Field's shadow at Krolls West, it's the second quarterback controversy during his lifetime. He said the Packers' front office gives him confidence.

"There was a little bit more of they felt like he was going to come back than not," said Simmons.

Leadership did not shy away from the Rodgers controversy, instead pointing out the obvious challenge, but not writing off the season.

"Obviously he's a very important player to the organization, but we're working through, and I'm hopeful," said President Mark Murphy.

Murphy said there is a fan divide on the situation with Rodgers.

"I do think our fans are split, and I think there's a lot of them that want it resolved," Murphy said. "And I don't know if they're against the Packers or against Aaron. They just want it resolved."

Packers nation has been following Rodgers' every move, including down to his private jet.

It was reported Monday his plane was wheels up for Green Bay.

Rodgers faces $50,000 for every day of mandatory camp he misses.

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