People displaced by suspected arson fire near 38th and Lisbon speak out

NOW: People displaced by suspected arson fire near 38th and Lisbon speak out

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Police say a suspect likely started a fire in an apartment building at 38th and Lisbon early Tuesday morning. The incident is being investigated as arson, but no one is currently in custody.

People displaced by the fire just before Thanksgiving are now figuring out what to do.

Nine families were displaced here just before Thanksgiving.

"I was sleeping in bed, and one of my neighbors was running down the hallway saying the building is on fire, and I got up and came outside and looked," said displaced resident Xavier Love.

He says now he's staying at a shelter at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church where the Red Cross is assisting those displaced by the fire.

Love says while it's a little cold in the basement there, they're doing their best.

He says he won't be moving back into the building, even if it gets repaired.

"I've never been in no type of situation like this before," said Love, while shaking his head.

"With it being the holiday season, we're just trying to find something they can still be thankful for, you know, we have to reach out as a community, we're not going to get through this alone, we're all in it together."

Angela Oakley, with the Red Cross, says they're working on providing options and plans to those affected to get back on their feet at the church while giving them temporary shelter and food.

Victims from another fire on Sunday are staying there as well.

Oakley says the biggest thing the Red Cross needs right now is more volunteers.

Helen Spencer, who also lived in the building at 38th and Lisbon, says it was chaotic getting out of the fire.

"I was trying to get my cats, and I couldn't get none of my medicine, or I'm on oxygen and I'm on a nebulizer machine," said Spencer.

That's why she was back at the building Wednesday.

Spencer says she just hopes things start to get better for everyone soon and is hoping for a helping hand this holiday season.

"Pray. Pray not just for me and my family, our family as far as this building is concerned, just pray for this nation to be kinder, to love one another. That's all," said Spencer.

No one was hurt in the fire. Milwaukee police are asking anyone who knows anything about how this fire started to contact them or the Crime Stoppers hotline. You can remain anonymous.

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