Power to the Pączki on this Fat Tuesday

NOW: Power to the Pączki on this Fat Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's Paczki paradise on this Fat Tuesday, a day to indulge, especially on our favorite Polish pastries.

So many hometown bakeries make these special donuts made of butter, sugar, flour, eggs and milk. They are fried and topped with icing or powdered sugar and filled with Bavarian cream, raspberry jam and prune.

One of Milwaukee's oldest bakeries, National Bakery on the south side, is a place so many come far and wide to get their hands on these treats. Last year, 40,000 of them were sold. This year, the hope is even more.

King cakes, also known as Three Kings Cake, are a special tradition on this Fat Tuesday as well, especially for Mardi Gras. Tradition has it, if you find the plastic baby piece in the cake, you get a prize. Many local bakeries sell these special cakes too.

Where to find these Polish treats locally (Patch) -- Note: Lakeside Bakery has closed since this list was published.

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