Racine Goes Green: Saint Patrick's Day at McAuliffe’s Pub, Shaving For Shaymus

Racine Goes Green: Saint Patrick’s Day at McAuliffe’s Pub, Shaving For Shaymus

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- JJ McAuliffe, the owner of Owner McAuliffe’s Pub and Mia Sweeney and Balen O'Dea joined us to discuss a bunch of upcoming Saint Patrick's Day events.

St. Patrick's Day weekend will kick off Thursday night at McAuliffe’s Pub with internationally known band Celtica who mix bagpipes and Heavy Metal tickets are $20. Friday McAuliffe’s will host our 24th St. Patrick's Day Party which has been called the best in Racine. They will have live music with Andrew David Webber, Bellends, and a special surprise guest!! 

Saturday is the Racine St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Pirates of the parade will be making their annual Appearance.

We will also be promoting the Shayving For Shaymus event the following week. Shaving For Shaymus is a fundraiser where people will Shave their heads and beards to help raise money and support for kids in OUR community with Cancer. All proceeds go to The Shaymus Gui8nn Foundation. 

The Foundation | Shaymus Guinn Foundation




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